Dressing Up In The Best Irish Tee Shirts And Costumes On St. Patrick’s Day

8 Jan

If you are between the ages of 21 and 30, then there is a good chance that you really like to party hard on all of those holidays that involve getting out with your friends and drinking. Saint Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays, and it is the best of them in my opinion. On all of those other holidays you either don’t have an excuse to dress crazy or everyone else is dressed just as crazy as you are. On Saint Patrick’s Day, you can wear your popular Irish tshirts and other things to really stand out.

People haven’t always worn green on St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, when people actually wore anything at the beginning to celebrate they would wear blue and the whole holiday was full of religious ceremony. Green came into fad because Saint Patrick would use green clovers to teach the Irish Celts about the Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost. Now we wear green to celebrate Ireland while we drink heavily. Oh, how times have changed.

The sheer variety of awesome Irish tees out there is pretty quite staggering. The reason for this is because there are just so many t-shirt vendors on the Interweb vying for the market that they will have shirts for nearly every occasion, including St. Patrick’s Day. Even if you don’t get all crazy with your outfit, you should at least participate in the festivities enough to wear a hilarious green shirt. You don’t want to get pinched, do you?

I have to admit that I am the nuttiest person you’ll ever meet on Saint Patrick’s Day. I dress in the most insane getup you can imagine, and I change my outfit every year. Last year I wore my traditional Irish t-shirt, but I put sequins all over it so that I glittered where ever I walked. I also had a green sports jacket that I sewed a massive clover to the back of. All in all, it was a really great costume and no one wore anything nearly as eye-catching that night.

You absolutely have to try going out and doing it up right like I do this year. It’s okay to wear Irish pride t shirts, but everyone already does that. If you want some shots bought for you and if you want everyone to laugh and have a good time when they are around you, then dress up and act like an absolute fool. You can be a restrained as you want to be all year long. On Saint Patrick’s Day, it’s okay to let your hair down and do a jig.


A Grand Tradition Of Awesome Irish T-Shirts

31 Dec

Lets not play to stereotypes and say that every Irishman is an alcoholic. I’m Irish and I wouldn’t say that I was an alcoholic under any circumstance. That being said, we do need to address that I’m a big fan of recreational drinking and I know from first-hand experience that most of my Irish buddies are too. We wear our Irish drinking tees and we drink our dirty Irish whiskey and we have a blast. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?

Each year we get only one holiday where we can be the heroes. No one thinks about we Sons of the Emerald Isle on the other drinking holidays, do they? We can wear our Irish party shirts, dye our hair red, and dance a jig on the top of the bar and no one would say anything to us. We pull those kind of shenanigans on New Year’s Eve, and we’re likely to spend the night in the slammer.

Why spend our blessed, time-honored Holiday fighting amongst ourselves? Half of us want to party and celebrate while the other half just want to berate us for partying and celebrating. Seems a bit of a shame, doesn’t it? It’s a tale as old as time, though. If you get more than three Irishmen together, they’re sure as rain going to have a tussle.

We should make this year different. The holy rollers should know by now that we’re not going to stop the revelries of St. Patrick’s Day while there is still Irish blood flowing free. I propose a simple solution. A meeting in the middle, as Danny Boy would have liked, is what is in order. We will, of course, continue to drink ourselves green on St. Patty’s Day. The holy rollers, in turn, can sit patiently by the phone for our confessionals before they drive us home.

I’m not giving up the one time of year we get to be the shining, drunken, stumbling stars of the show. Years ago, people would have scoffed at the idea of “Irish pride”. Our people were looked at like vermin. All this time later, we are now treated just like every other red-blooded American. If that’s not a reason to toast our glasses together and slosh beer all over our awesome Irish t-shirts, I really don’t know what is.

Are Your Funny Shirts Appropriate For What You’re Doing?

26 Apr

There is a popular trend amongst young adults to get on the Internet, find the most offensive thing they can find printed on a shirt, and wear it to places that aren’t exactly appropriate. I don’t think it’s really the fault of these young adults. I think that everyone loves funny t-shirts. I also think that this new generation of college graduate is incredibly desensitized and doesn’t really know what is okay, and what is definitely NOT okay. Here’s some helpful tips:

There are so many funny shirts out in the world today that it would be impossible to name every type here. There is a very specific type that I deem completely inappropriate for any occasion at any time, unless you’re just ripping them up for dish rags. They’re not so very common any more, but those Myrtle Beach Boardwalk style airbrushed shirts are still out there…and still as terrible as ever. Any shirt that has a crudely drawn nude woman, some whiskey bottles, and a guy with no pants on the front of the shirt needs to be burned.

Language is a huge issue when deciding what to wear. Funny tees that have language stronger than anything you may see on any of the three big networks will always be a big no-no if you’re going anywhere that children may be present. Kids are highly influential, so let’s not destroy their grasp on the English language just yet by introducing them to curse words.

What kind of picture, if any, does your funny tee shirts feature? If there is anything sexually oriented in any way, then you need to seriously reconsider wearing it to the grocery store. Save those kinds of shirts for when you’re wanting to make your friends laugh. Neither the cashier, the old lady in the bread isle, nor the young mother of two want to see that.

Just keep in mind that not everyone in the world is as jaded as you are. To you, curse words and sexual content may seem like a minor issue. To many people, it is still a reason to be shocked and offended. Avoid the confrontations and avoid upsetting people who have done you no harm. Funny apparel has a time and a place.

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Getting Started On The Right Foot

7 Apr

If you were to even try browsing through the millions of t-shirts for sale on the Internet, you would end up a dried-out husk at your computer desk. Future civilizations would find your corpse and wonder at what could have made you waste away to nothing while you sat in a chair. Well, I would then swoop down from the sky and tell them that you were silly enough to try to browse through 800 million t-shirts. It simply cannot be done in your lifetime, friends.

That is why I have come to help you. T-shirts are worn more than any other type of clothing in America, and that includes blue jeans. Everyone has t-shirts, wears t-shirts, and continues to buy t-shirts throughout their entire life. Because of their popularity, people are making new t-shirts every day in an attempt to become that next big fad that everyone must have. This is why I have taken it upon myself to help you find those priceless t-shirt gems that are going to make you laugh out loud and pull out your wallet.

Before the newest trend dies away, I have got to address the surge of Charlie Sheen t-shirts that have appeared on the Internet in the last few weeks. In the matter of a day, there were no less than 10 websites that were created to sell funny t-shirts modeled after the insanity that falls out of Sheen’s open mouth on a daily basis. Not that I don’t approve. The Internet was made to make fun of insane celebrities. Just ask Al Gore.

My favorite place for funny Charlie Sheen t-shirts has been Tiger Blood Tees, which seems to have come right out of the gate with some pretty amazing stuff. When you have someone who is almost certainly insane, put him in front of a camera, and let that person say whatever they want…well, the content just kind-of writes itself. What Tiger Blood Tees have done with their funny Charlie Sheen t-shirts is that they have created some pretty wonderful designs to accompany there insanity of Sheen’s won words. Every other site that I’ve seen has merely thrown some block-type text on a tee and called it done. To the ingenuitious go the spoils, right?

The best of these has to be the shirt that is making light of Sheen’s statement, “Yeah,

I’m on a drug…it’s called Charlie Sheen!” The t-shirt in question features a large design of a pill bottle that simply says “Charlie Sheen. 500mg” on it. Simple yet hilarious and well done, Tiger Blood Tees! I’ve included an image below linking to the shirt for you to check out yourself! Enjoy!

Charlie Sheen 500mg

Yeah, I'm on a drug!